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Mother and Daughter Love

Individual, Couples & Family Counselling 
Your journey to re-connection starts here

It's never too late to love the life you live

  • Feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

  • Stuck in negative thought patterns?

  • Struggling with your child’s difficult behaviors?

  • Suffering from the impact of a trauma or loss?

  • Looking for better communication within your marriage?

  • Struggling with infertility?

At Creating Connections Counselling Services, our mission

is to passionately support individuals, couples, and families facing personal and relationship challenges. Through a collaborative and solution-focused approach, we empower clients to set and achieve attainable goals, emphasizing their existing strengths and providing a toolbox of coping strategies.

Our dedicated team works across age groups, guiding clients through the journey of self-discovery, fostering positive day-to-day experiences, and enabling flourishing relationships."

This is Your Time to Re-connect

20-Minute Consult Call

Holding Hands

​Through self-reflection, we find the strength to endure life’s challenges.

Creating Connections Counselling Services is a virtual therapy clinic where individuals of all ages find a welcoming space for growth and transformation. We aim to support positive change, fostering strong, resilient relationships within families and communities.

Utilizing innovative and personalized interventions, we harness the accessibility of tele-therapy to provide clients with the privacy and comfort to navigate life’s most challenging experiences, overcome obstacles and cultivate fulfilling lives.


Enjoying the Nature

We will support you on your Journey to re-connection and healing. 

Just take the first step! 


Creating Connections
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