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Depression Therapy

Do you find yourself feeling persistently sad, hopeless, or disconnected from the world around you?
Are you struggling to find joy in activities you once enjoyed?
Do you experience changes in appetite, sleep patterns, or energy levels? 

Depression can be a very isolating and exhausting experience. You may have lost your drive and motivation to engage in activities that you previously enjoyed. The thought of trying to complete day to day activities, both personal and professional, may seem overwhelming. 


Do you want to feel like yourself again? Enjoying your relationships, your hobbies and your life again? Engaging in therapy for depression can be an essential tool in managing and treating the symptoms associated with your depression. 

The therapeutic relationship itself can be a source of healing, providing you with validation, empathy, and encouragement along your journey.


By working collaboratively with our trained therapists, individuals can gain the skills and support needed to navigate through depression and build a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


One common approach utilized for treating depression is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps individuals identify and challenge negative thought patterns and behaviors contributing to their depression. Through working with one of our therapists and learning CBT skills and other tools, individuals learn coping skills and strategies to address and manage their symptoms effectively. 


CBT is just one of the many approaches utilized by our clinicians to support you in managing your feelings of depression. We will work together to find the techniques that are right for you.

Irrespective of the method we choose together, therapy at Creating Connections Counseling Services will provide you with a supportive environment to explore your emotions, gain insight into underlying issues, and develop healthier ways to cope with your specific stressors and challenges. 

You no longer have to feel alone, take the first step towards healing by booking a consultation call today.

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