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Pregnancy Loss

Are you grappling with the loss of a pregnancy, navigating through a myriad of emotions that may include sadness, confusion, and longing?
Do you find yourself feeling isolated in your grief, unable to find solace or understanding from those in your support network?
Are you wrestling with feelings of guilt, shame, or anger, wondering if there was something you could have done differently?
Is the profound pain of pregnancy loss taking a toll on your mental and emotional health, making it challenging to find moments of peace and clarity amidst the turmoil?

Therapy at Creating Connections Counselling Services will provide you with a compassionate and understanding space for navigating the complexities of pregnancy loss, whether it be through stillbirth, miscarriage, or the challenging journey of infertility. Through open dialogue and empathetic listening, we aim to validate your feelings and experiences, acknowledging the unique and profound grief that accompanies the loss of a pregnancy or the inability to conceive.

Pregnancy Loss
Pregnancy Loss

Our therapists have both personal and significant professional experiencing working with individuals who have experienced pregnancy loss. They are trained to help you explore and process the range of emotions you may be experiencing, from sorrow and heartache to guilt and anger, offering guidance and support every step of the way. For those who have experienced the loss of a stillborn child, therapy can offer a safe haven to confront the intense and enduring grief that often accompanies such a profound loss.

We understand the complexities of grieving for a child who never had the chance to take their first breath, and we provide a space for you to honour and remember your baby while navigating the difficult journey of healing. Through therapeutic techniques such as narrative therapy or mindfulness practices, we can help you find ways to integrate the memory of your child into your life while finding moments of peace and acceptance amidst the pain.


Similarly, for individuals who have experienced miscarriage or are grappling with infertility, therapy can offer a lifeline during a time of immense emotional upheaval and uncertainty. Whether you're navigating the rollercoaster of fertility treatments, facing the disappointment of failed attempts, or mourning the loss of a pregnancy, our therapists are here to offer support and guidance. Through personalized therapeutic interventions, we can help you process your emotions, challenge unhelpful thoughts, and cultivate resilience as you work towards finding meaning and healing in the midst of infertility or pregnancy loss.

Reach out and allow us to support you through this challenging time. You’re not alone.

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