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Reduced-Cost Therapy Program

Are you struggling in your relationship or personal life but the cost of therapy is preventing you from accessing support?
Do you feel like your mental health needs are being neglected or overlooked due to financial constraints?
Are you feeling stuck or hopeless because you can't find therapy options that fit within your budget?
Are you experiencing stress or worry about how to prioritize spending on therapy among other financial obligations?

Our Affordable therapy program aims to make mental health support and psychotherapy counselling services accessible to everyone.

We remove the financial barriers of accessing therapy, and help you reach your goals.

At Creating Connections Counselling Services we offer low cost therapy to enable you to nurture your path to healing and growth despite any financial constraints.

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Select members of our therapy team, psychotherapy and social work interns, with extensive training and under the supervision of experienced mental health professionals, can provide you with access to therapy, even when financial difficulties would otherwise be a barrier.

Only $75 a session!

With one of our qualifying therapists

What is a therapy intern?

 Working with a therapy intern presents a unique opportunity to engage with a passionate individual who is completing their education and training in fields like psychology, counselling or social work. At our clinic, interns are carefully selected and already licensed by the regulatory college (CRPO), ensuring a high standard of care. Under the supervision of our licenced and experienced supervisors, interns bring fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to their work, while applying the latest academic knowledge to real-life situations. Clients benefit from the interns' commitment to delivering quality care and a highly supported and supervised clinical environment. By working with interns, clients not only receive effective therapy but also contribute to the professional development of future therapists in their community.

Reduced-Cost Therapy Program

Benefits of working with a therapy intern

When considering an intern therapist and our low-cost therapy program, affordability is undoubtedly a key consideration. This program prioritizes making mental health care accessible to everyone. By opting for this program, individuals gain access to therapy that may have otherwise been financially out of reach. Equally important to highlight is the fresh perspective and innovative approach that therapy interns bring to their work. 

With a keen eye on the latest research, techniques, and theories in mental health, interns are eager to explore new avenues for addressing clients' concerns. This enthusiasm translates into tailored treatment plans that adapt to each individual's unique circumstances, fostering more effective outcomes. Additionally, therapy interns often offer more flexible scheduling options, thanks to their lighter caseloads compared to the majority of therapists. This flexibility ensures that clients can find appointments that suit their needs and maintain a consistent therapy schedule, enhancing the overall therapeutic experience. Clients can rest assured knowing that therapy interns receive close supervision from experienced, licensed professionals. This oversight ensures that clients receive high-quality care, as the intern's work is continuously reviewed and guided by their supervisors. With a skilled mental health professional supporting each therapy session, clients can trust in the expertise and dedication of their intern therapist. Lastly, by choosing to work with a therapy intern, clients play an integral role in their professional development journey. Client feedback and experiences serve as valuable learning opportunities, shaping the intern's therapeutic style and skills for the future. This collaborative relationship fosters a sense of purpose and growth for both parties involved, creating a rewarding therapeutic experience for all.

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