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Self-Care in Under a Minute

Updated: May 7

When you hear the word self-care, does your mind often go to taking a nap, exercising, or getting your nails done? Or something along those lines?

Often such notions leave many overworked and overwhelmed individuals feeling like "and when am I gonna find time for that exactly?" ...and I hear you.

If you're a parent with little ones, or working 2 jobs, or in a caregiving role, which takes up all your free time, or any other life situation where your time just gets all sucked up and your self-care ends up at the bottom of the totem pole, you can probably relate.

I'm here than to tell you that is possible! There are ways, even in the craziest of times to ensure that your self-care and well-being are supported and protected.

Self-Care is more than just taking a bath. We can actually introduce more care of self-care into our lives in so many different areas of ourselves.

Take a look at this wheel of care. What do these areas mean to you? What does social self-care look like for you? Do you do that already? Are there ways you know you can do it more?

Need some ideas? No problem! I've included some lists below with examples in each of these areas. Take a look, many of these tasks don't take more than a minute. Chose just one area and/or one task and focus on bringing more moments of self-care into your life.

I promise you, you won't regret it.

Emotional Self Care:

Learn to say “no.”

Intentionally schedule “me time” on your calendar or planner.

Reward yourself for completing small tasks.

Develop a relaxing night-time ritual.

Allow yourself to actually feel all your feelings and maybe even express some (in a safe and appropriate environment).

Try some mindful exercises to help bring you into the present moment.

Try some adult coloring as a form of anxiety and/or stress release.

Make a Gratitude box to put in papers with things you are grateful for.

Take a moment to allow your feelings to be present without judging them.

Stop being your harshest critic. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Professional Self-Care

Seek support when it is required at work.

Establish better boundaries to protect your work-life balance

Create a pleasant and comfortable work environment.

Get involved in an interesting or stimulating work task.

Take your lunch break and use it to engage in other self care.

Turn down unnecessary or unreasonable work requests.

Pursue further professional development

Social Self-Care

Choose who you will spend time with today, avoid toxic people.

Ask for help. Let people know you need some help.

Call a trusted friend or family member and talk things out.

Engage in mentally stimulating conversations.

Intentionally reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with or have unresolved conflict with.

Join a support group for people who are going through what you’re going through.

Schedule a regular date night with your significant other.

Take a road trip with your siblings or friends.

Physical Self-Care

Do some stretching exercises.

Take a walk.

Drink more water.

Engage your body so you can feel fatigued.

Get a massage.

Go out and spend 10 minutes under the sun.

Go for a bike ride to nowhere in particular.

Go hiking, camping, or backpacking and spend some time in nature.

Go to bed early.

Spiritual Self-Care

Make time for meditation in your day.

Rediscover Spirituality in your life.

Do something nice for someone in secret.

Donate money to a charity of your choosing.

Help someone in some way.

Spend more time and attention engaging in spiritual practices that are meaningful to you.

Allocate time for reflection

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