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Nothing is good between us! right?

Updated: May 26

It is so understandable that when stressors enter a relationship one may feel like nothing is going right. Tending to our relationships seems like a nice idea, but when things are so tense, it's hard to feel like anything can help!

Start simple.

Chose one relationship in your life that needs some improvement. Is it in your relationship with your partner? Your child?

Can I challenge you to spend five minutes today enjoying your relationship? I know that may sound crazy or too simple maybe. Humor me. Find one aspect of your relationship that does work.

Maybe its the way you smile at each other when a family member says something funny. Or perhaps the comfort you find in just sitting together at breakfast without the need to speak. Or maybe its how well you work together with your partner on a most practical level in running the house. Or if its your relationship with your child that you are thinking of, perhaps its the hug your child gives you when they come home from school. Or the way you snuggle up on the couch when you read them a story.

Just Find One Thing.

I promise if you think long enough you'll come up with one.

And, when that things come, don't gloss over it! Spend today focusing on that wonderful moment it when it comes. Experiencing it mindfully. Enjoying it.

Relationships need self-care too.

Looking for more resources to support you in your intimate relationships?

Check out our couples therapy page or book a free 20 minute consultation with one of our therapists to learn more about how we can support you and your relationship.

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